Pacific Airconditioning  And General Services Inc.

About Us

Pacific Airconditioning & General Services Inc was born at the height of the Philippine recovery in 1996. Its proprietor, Roy S. Abrigo, after quite a number of years working as a technician-supervisor in Saipan and Guam with Carrier International, decided to come home to become an entrepreneur. After all, before his stint abroad, he has worked locally with ROMAGO INC., and with PHI-MA VENTURES a Philippine Malaysian partnership which built EDSA and Makati Shangri-La Hotel. February 20, 1997 saw its official registry at the Department of Trade and Industry. Since then, it has involved itself in the contracting and sub-contracting businesses in the field of mechanical works, focusing on Air conditioning, ventilation and piping system both centralized as well as packaged type. Services such as maintenance are included. Its strength lies most especially in the field of ventilation systems, having its own fabrication shop for duct works, diffusers, louvers and grilles.

PAGS has a  complete   set  of  state  of  the  art  duct fabrication machines, thus not only eliminating tedious manual work but  producing world class products. The company is backed up by highly skilled duct men and A/C technicians with competent engineers and supervisors, prepared academically and experientially proven.

At present, despite  the  economic  crunch,  especially  in  the construction industry, Pacific Airconditioning & General Services continues to grow. In August 30, 2013, PAGS incorporate itself and renamed as Pacific Airconditioning & General Services Inc. The Company remains committed to its clients in providing the utmost quality service in a cost effective manner through its greatest asset, its manpower. Past and Present Projects of the Company reveal how renowned Companies trust in the kind of service PAGS Inc. can deliver to them.


The company is directed by the following values to ensure that all stakeholders will have long term benefits:

  • We serve with Filipino PRIDE. Employees work hard and patiently displaying recognized mark of a Filipino worker around the world.
  • We commit to industry ADVANCEMENT by providing continuous employee skills enhancement program and supporting discoveries on possible material and strategy innovation.
  • We promote GOOD LEADERSHIP. Company leader continuously update himself of new industry practices and leads the group towards its goals. It exercises fair practice and sets as good example to its subordinates.
  • We act with SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY. We abide with government laws in maintaining human dignity and protecting our environment. The company always take time to give back a portion of company income to its community.

The Management

The Management is composed of the General Manager along with the rest of its department and unit heads. Once a week, the Management meet together to discuss organizational issues and concerns in order to come up with appropriate solutions. It serves as policy-making body of the organization at the operational level. It will ensure proper coordination amongst functional groups of the organization.

Hours of Operation


8:00 AM  TO  5:00 PM

ADDRESS                    : 330 Barangka Drive, Mandaluyong City, Philippines

TELEPHONE NOS.     : (02) 533-7809 | (02) 534-7691 | (02) 634-4013

TELEFAX                      : (02) 531-0047


Mission and Vision


We advocate in providing utmost quality service in a cost-effective manner to our clients through company’s greatest asset, its workforce.


One of the leading and trusted airconditioning companies providing various services (installation, maintenance, and repair) by year 2022 both to local and international clients in the Philippines. 


Pacific Airconditioning & General Services Inc employees are expected to:

1. treat all individuals with dignity and respect;

2. act faithfully towards achieving set company goals and objectives;

3. display professional excellence in performing duties and responsibilities at all times;

4. work cooperatively with the team and always practice open communication;

5. provide only utmost quality service both to internal and external clients; and

6. respond to challenges in a sound and timely manner.